me-avatarI like to introduce myself as a passionate software developer. I put a lot of care and attention in any work I do. I also call myself a software engineer or a software architect in some contexts.

I have been working the last 10 years in a wide variety of business applications mainly using Microsoft technologies. I am particularly interested in distributed applications, code design and unit testing. In the last years I have developed an increasing interest in software quality and I strongly believe in quality driven products.


Together with some friends I have founded iQuarc, a team of elite professionals with mature skills. We help different companies and teams to deal with divers software related problems. We also help other developers to improve their skills by sharing our experience when we join their teams, or by doing training or customized coaching sessions.

I also like sharing my ideas and experiences by speaking at different user group events or developers’ conferences. Here are some of the talks I did.

You can find more details about my professional experience by following my LinkedIn profile: http://ro.linkedin.com/in/florincoros . I keep it up to date.

About my personal life, the basics are simple. I live in Cluj-Napoca. I’m not married and I have no kids. I live with my wonderful girlfriend who is also a software developer. I am very close to my brother, who is also a software developer. So building software is, and is going to be, a big part of our lives.

I like a lot playing GO. When I was younger I used to go to local competitions. Now, I don’t play that often.

I also like listening to rock music, traveling and going to live concerts.

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