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E-mail Course: Creating a Blog

I have enrolled in John’s Sonmez free e-mail course titled “How to Create a Blog That Boosts Your Career”. I’ve joined this because I wanted to focus more on improving my blog, and because I care about John’s advice on … Continue reading

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Low Coupling by Refactoring Towards Higher Cohesion

Low coupling and high cohesion go hand in hand. In a low coupled design, the modules, classes and functions have a high cohesion. The other way around is also true: making high cohesive modules, classes or functions leads to a … Continue reading

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Unit Testing Training

Unit Testing has been one of the dearest technical subjects for me in the past years. A great influencer was a TDD Workshop lead by J. B. Rainsberger to which I was lucky enough to attend, somewhere in 2010. It … Continue reading

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The Code Design Training

It was few months ago more than a year ago (22nd of February 2013 in my Trello card, Ideas column), when I came up with the thought of developing a training about how to write good code. At that time … Continue reading

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